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Laboratory small boiling granulation dryer

Laboratory small boiling granulation dryer

Product Details

First, the working principle:

OMFL Multi-function Boiling Granulation Dryer is a multi-functional equipment integrating spray drying-granulation-centrifugation pelletization-fluidization coating-drying. It is compatible with various process operations. It is especially suitable for multi-species, multi-dose granulation, pelleting and coating in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. Equipment use:

The material is suspended in a fluidized state under the action of a clean hot gas flow (negative pressure), and its surface is completely in contact with hot air, and the heat is evenly distributed, thereby achieving a good heat exchange state, thereby having extremely high efficiency. With a suitable spray system and further functional structure improvement of the fluidized bed, the fluidized bed spray drying granulation and coating characteristics are more closely displayed, that is, it is a combination of drying, granulation and coating. Multi-purpose process equipment.   

Second, the process profile:

The granulated powder or the granule (powder) material for coating is put into the fluidized bed, and the cold air enters from the heating chamber at the rear of the main machine, and the initial effect is obtained. Medium efficiency filtering. The heater is heated to the temperature required for the inlet air and then enters the fluidized bed. The powder (particles) is fluidized in the bed, and the granulation binder is fed into the two-fluid atomizer by the infusion pump, and is sprayed after being atomized. Fluidized material.   

Third, the equipment features:

It combines various functions such as granulation, pelleting and coating. Powder material granulation.

Powder material coating.

Powder, granules, pellets, enteric, slow-release coatings.

Taste, moisture, oxidation, water, heat, color, isolation coating.

Fourth, technical parameters:

1. Feeding amount 0.5-1.0 kg/ batch (boiling granulation)

0.3-0.7 kg/ batch (fluidized coating)

2 , fan power 0.75 kw (frequency control)

3 , compressed air consumption 0.4 m3 / min

4 , electric heating power 1.5KW

5 , peristaltic pump flow ≤ 50ml / min

5 , electrical control PLC + touch screen

6 , equipment weight    About 350 ( Kg )

7 , the host dimensions L × W × H about 800 × 600 × 1500mm

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