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Dry granulator

Dry granulator

Product Details

Working principle :

The dry granulator is a laboratory dry granulator developed by our company. It is a small dry granulator for laboratory research and development. It is suitable for laboratory, intermediate experimental equipment and small production. It only needs about 80 grams to dry. The powder can be formed into a mold. According to the principle of mechanical extrusion granulation process, the dry powdered or fine crystalline material with a certain crystal water is arranged and extruded into a thin sheet, and then through a granulation system, a granule of a desired size is formed through a sieve. The raw materials can be fed into the hopper by hand or vacuum feeder, conveyed and compressed by the vertically placed feeding screw, and pushed to the bite angle of the two squeeze rollers; the raw material is extruded into a sheet by a horizontally placed pressure roller (pressure The speed of the rolls determines the time the material stays in the roll zone; the pressure required for the material is transferred linearly to the press rolls by hydraulic means, and the vertically aligned rolls ensure consistent material density. The machine is easy to assemble and disassemble and clean.
According to different particle size requirements, the mesh size of the equipment granulation system can be replaced with each other. The powder raw material is directly made into a granular product satisfying the user's requirements, without any intermediates and additives, the granularity of the product after granulation is uniform, the bulk density is significantly increased, the fluidity is improved, the dust flying is controlled, and the waste of powder is reduced. Easy to store and transport, control solubility, porosity and specific surface area. Can be used directly for tableting or filling capsules.

It is especially suitable for granulation of drugs that are not granulated by conventional wet granulation and unstable under moist heat conditions. The dry granulation process can replace the injection line of wet granulation, save manpower, material resources and financial resources, and is a new type of equipment for energy conservation and environmental protection.

Equipment advantages :

The machine has the components of feeding mechanism, tabletting mechanism, hydraulic mechanism, frame and electrical control. The feeding, pressing and granulating adopt frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, the oil pump pressure is adjustable, and the finished product fineness can be replaced by different Screen is obtained. Improved pelletizing cages increase the yield of pellets. The machine is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean, and the parts in contact with the materials are made of stainless steel. The product meets GMP requirements. The material is added from the top feeding funnel, forced into a sheet by two pressure rollers, and then enters the lower granulation chamber. In the granulation chamber, the sheet material is broken by the granulation blade and then enters the granulation chamber until the granules are less than or equal to The mesh aperture, the particles pass through the mesh screen to the tray. The required particle size can be determined by adjusting the size of the screen.

Structure Description:

The design of the machine is novel: water cooling system (water cooling system can be configured separately according to material heating degree), electrical monitoring system, reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance, no tetrafluoroethylene powder and metal materials in the pellet, well-made, made in Germany The process, equipped with automatic feeding system, convenient for assembly, disassembly and cleaning, meets the requirements of domestic and international GMP quality certification.

The machine consists of lifting, feeding, tableting, sizing, hydraulics, frame, outer seal and electrical components.

Main technical parameters :




Roller size

Φ×W mm


Production capacity


1 to 5

Pressure roller speed


0 to 18

Screw speed


0 to 61

Granulation speed


0 to 600

Finished product size


0.3 to 1.5

Pressure roller


0 to 7

Total power




L×W×H mm





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