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Small spray dryer

Small spray dryer

Product Details

The small spray dryer is suitable for the production of micro-particle powders in universities, research institutes and food and pharmaceutical chemical enterprises. It has wide applicability to all solutions such as emulsions and suspensions . This small spray dryer is suitable for heat sensitive materials. Drying such as biological products, biological pesticides, enzyme preparations, and the like. Since the ejected material is subjected to high temperature and is instantaneously heated only when sprayed into a mist, these active materials maintain their active ingredients after drying.
A variety of areas: beverages, spices and pigments, milk and egg products, plant and vegetable extracts, pharmaceutical synthetic heat sensitive materials plastics, polymers and resins, fragrances, blood products, ceramics and superconducting biochemicals, dye soaps and washing Agents, foods, adhesives, oxides, bone meal and tooth powder, etc.

●The spray, drying and collecting device is made of transparent high-quality high-temperature borosilicate glass, and the whole process of spray drying can be seen.
●The atomization structure of the two-fluid spray is made of high-precision 316 stainless steel material. The diameter of the powder spray is normally distributed and the fluidity is good.
●The jet is automatically unblocked (through the needle) and the frequency is adjustable. When the nozzle is blocked, it will be automatically cleared to ensure the continuity of the experiment.

Installation instructions for small spray dryers:

1. Installation of the drying chamber Hold the drying chamber with both hands and insert it into the drying chamber fixing clamp. Lock the drying chamber lock nut (the drying chamber can be rotated in the clamp).

2. Installation of the cyclone separator The cyclone lock nut, sealing ring and stainless steel gasket are placed on the air outlet pipe of the cyclone separator, and then inserted into the air outlet pipe of the equipment to adjust the air outlet of the drying chamber and the air inlet of the cyclone separator. Position the two ports straight, connect the two ports with a clamp, and then lock the cyclone lock nut.

3. Connect the collection bottle to the cyclone with a clamp

4. Connect the collecting tube to the drying chamber with a clamp

5. Mount the spray chamber to the unit and connect the 4mm air tube (for the needle) and the 6mm tube (for the spray)

6. Install a food grade silicone tube onto the peristaltic pump and insert the spray chamber inlet

Technical Parameters:

1. Water evaporation: 1500-2000 mL/h

2 , smaller feed amount: 50ml

3 , liquid feeding pump: 4 rotor pump (feeding tube : imported silicone peristaltic tube)

4 , atomization method: two-fluid atomizing nozzle

5 , nozzle diameter: optional 07/1.0/1.5/2.0/2.2mm standard configuration 1.0mm

6 , the average drying time: 1.0 ~ 1.5S

7 , temperature setting range: 30-300 °C PID automatic control; (temperature can be set)

8 , temperature adjustment accuracy: inlet temperature ± 1 ° C

9 , fan: single-phase low-noise fan, fan flow: 95m3 / min , wind pressure: 1.1KPa

10 , temperature sensor: PT-100 thermocouple

11 , spray adjustment range: 0-0.8 MPa (recommended 0.2 MPa )

12 , spray pressure intake air volume: 106L / min ; displacement: 36L / min ; input power 580W

13 、Air compressor for spray: Taiwan imported dolphin brand oil-free air compressor

14 , ceramic electric heater power 3.5KW

15 , rated voltage: 220V/50HZ

16 , air handling: fiber cotton filter

17 , liquid pump flow range adjustment: 0-26ml / min

18 , electric box cooling: brushless DC motor fan fan heat

19 , spray air connection diameter: outer diameter 6mm air pipe

20 , Dimensions: 550 (W) X650 (D) X1300 (H) mm

21 , equipment control method: touch screen control using Siemens brand

22 , control program: using PLC Siemens brand

23 , the main electrical appliances in the electric box: using Siemens and Schneider brand

24 , the whole machine material / weight: 304/110KG

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