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Laboratory vacuum low temperature spray dryer

Laboratory vacuum low temperature spray dryer

Product Details

OM-1800P laboratory vacuum low temperature spray dryer product description:

The laboratory vacuum low temperature spray dryer is specially developed for heat sensitive materials. The whole machine is compact in design and self-contained, and can be operated without other facilities. One-button start-up, color large LCD touch screen operation, can be fully automatic or manual monitoring two operating modes, convenient operation and monitoring of the experimental process, especially the instant drying of materials under low temperature conditions ( 80-100 °C), for heat Sensitive materials provide extremely convenient and extremely safe drying methods, such as biological products such as enzyme preparations, natural extracts of natural Chinese medicines with high sugar content, heat-resistant polymer materials, materials that are heated and vaporized, and the like.

Vacuum low temperature spray dryer When you need ordinary spray drying, you only need to use the spray dryer main unit, you do not need to open the vacuum assembly, and your material needs to dry at a low temperature below 60 °C, you can open the vacuum assembly at 55 °C inlet air temperature is quickly dried, completely avoiding the activity or structural damage of the material during the drying process, providing a very convenient and extremely safe drying method for the heat sensitive material, and we can also provide a pressure spray dryer , such as an enzyme preparation. Biological products such as live bacteria, natural product extracts of traditional Chinese medicines with high sugar content, heat-resistant polymer materials, materials that are heated and vaporized, and the like.

Laboratory vacuum low temperature spray dryer technical features:

1. Spray drying The whole experimental process is completed in a vacuum environment, which greatly reduces the drying temperature of the material and solves the problem of spray drying of heat sensitive materials.

2 , color touch screen operation: heating temperature PID constant temperature control, peristaltic pump feed speed can be adjusted at any time.

3 , built-in imported oil-free air compressor, the diameter of the powder is normally distributed, the fluidity is very good, and the noise is very low, in line with China's laboratory noise standards;

4. The spray head is a concentric spray head. When atomizing, ensure that there is no eccentricity and it is sprayed to the side of the bottle wall. After the spray head is installed, it can be moved up and down to facilitate the adjustment of the atomization position to improve the spray drying effect; the atomization spray atomization The structure is made of high-quality stainless steel and is compact in design. It requires no accessory equipment and is easy to use. It is as new as ever.

5. In order to meet the requirements of the user to adjust various parameters in the experimental range, the real-time regulation PID constant temperature control technology is adopted in the design of the drying temperature control , so that the temperature control in the full temperature zone is accurate, and the heating temperature control precision is ±1 °C.

6 , the feed amount can be adjusted by the feed peristaltic pump, the rated treatment capacity is 50-1000mL/H

Laboratory vacuum low temperature spray dryer technical parameters:

1. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, and the atomization structure of the two-fluid spray;

2 , built-in imported oil-free air compressor;

3 , with a nozzle cleaner (passing needle), will automatically clear when the nozzle is blocked, the frequency of the needle can be automatically adjusted;

4 , rated material handling capacity: 1000mL / H ;
5 , the smaller sample size: 50mL (depending on the difference in solid content of the material);

6 , real-time control PID constant temperature control technology, heating temperature control accuracy: ± 1 °C;

7. Nozzle diameter : 0.5mm , 0.7mm , 1mm , 1.5mm , 2mm optional, and can be customized according to customer requirements ;

8 , the whole machine power: 6KW/380V ;

9. Instantly spray drying at low temperature ( 80-100 °C). Under such dry conditions, easily oxidized, volatile and heat sensitive materials can maintain chemical structure and biological activity.

10 , the degree of vacuum -0.05 ~ 0.06MPA ;

11 , color LCD touch screen operation control, full Chinese operation interface.

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