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Organic solvent spray dryer

Organic solvent spray dryer

Product Details

1 . product description

The laboratory organic solvent spray dryer system uses a hermetic design, which is mainly used in organic solvent solutions. N2 is dried as an inert gas to make the equipment run safer. The product has no oxidation, good quality, good uniformity of particle bulk and average particle size, and its fluidity can meet the continuous production of automatic press, and the solvent medium can be recycled online. The solvent evaporation capacity under the specified conditions is 1-2 L/h (depending on the solids content of the material). The whole set of equipment consists of feeding system, atomizer, electric heater, drying tower, cyclone dust collector, condensation tower, explosion-proof device, online oxygen detection system and electrical control system.

The laboratory organic solvent spray dryer can solve the problem of drying difficult to contain organic solvent in spray drying. Generally, the organic solvent will be inflammable and explosive. The explosion-proof closed spray dryer can make the material in the closed drying system. The cycle avoids the contact of the organic solvent gas with the outside oxygen air, ensuring safe production. Laboratory organic solvent spray dryer This technology utilizes the oxidation resistance of inert gas. The material is dried and transported in the anti-oxidation environment of closed loop system, which serves as the purpose of isolation from oxygen, ensuring the quality of easy production of easy oxides. .

2 . data analysis

1 . Dry material: Suitable for a variety of materials, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, new energy industries.

2 . Solvent type: organic solvent (alcohol, ethanol, acetone and other organic solvents)

3 . Circulating gas: N2 nitrogen (avoid material oxidation)

4 . Solvent evaporation: 1-2kg/h

5 . Slurry solid content: slurry: 20% (self-adjustable)

6 . Slurry pH : Neutral

7 . Slurry temperature: normal temperature

8 . Drying tower inlet air temperature: 80~90 °C (temperature adjustable, customizable)

9 . Drying tower outlet temperature: 50~60 °C

10 . Finished product: powder

11 . Product residual moisture content: 3% (left and right)

12 . Power: 380/220V 50Hz

13 . Heating method: electric heating, can do electric heat exchange

14 . Atomization method: two-fluid atomizer

15 . Receiving method: main tower + cyclone separator

16 . Dust removal method: whirlwind

17 . Solvent recovery method: condensation recovery

3 . Equipment performance parameters:

1 treatment volume: 1-2Kg / h liquid, according to solid content

2 electric heating power: 6Kw

3 peristaltic pump: adjustable flow

4 condensation temperature 5-7 °C

5 tower oxygen content ≤ 3%

6 Solvent recovery rate: ≥95%

7 dryer size: Φ1500 × 1100 × 890

4 scope of supply:

1 peristaltic pump 1 frequency conversion regulation flow 0.55 Kw

2 heater 1 electric heating tube

3 hot air distribution 1 set of SUS304 stainless steel

4 hot air pipe 1 set of SUS304 stainless steel

5 two-fluid atomizing nozzle made of SUS316 stainless steel

6 drying tower body SUS304 stainless steel 1.5mm thick with explosion-proof pressure relief device

7 sets of exhaust pipe made of SUS304 stainless steel

8 cyclone separator 1 set of SUS304 stainless steel

9 receiving buckets made of 2 SUS304 stainless steel

10 sets of electric control cabinet

11 sets of condensers

12 sets of system pressure filling and discharging system

13 system safety valve 1 set

14 sets of observation glasses

5 device control point description:

Complete system control point

1 hot air inlet temperature

2 feed rate

3 atomization status

4 tower pressure

5 system oxygen content

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