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Take you through the workings of the laboratory spray dryer
- 2018-11-29-

Laboratory spray dryer working principle: using menu-type micro-disposal controller (PLC), can directly set the inlet temperature, gas flow, automatic needle frequency, creep pump speed, complete data acquisition and process monitoring and control. The self-priming crawling pump passes the sample liquid settler into the drying chamber through the nozzle, and the contracted air enters the drying chamber from the outer sleeve to atomize the liquid, and the hot air enters from the upper layer and meets the sprayed liquid particles, and the article starts to dry. After drying, the powder is separated from the exhaust gas by the cyclone and then enters the collecting bottle. The exhaust gas is directly discharged to the atmosphere or air through the diameter hose.
The scope of laboratory spray dryers is becoming more and more common today because small spray dryers are constantly upgrading and adapting more materials.
Characteristics of the laboratory spray dryer:
1. Drying speed is fast, usually only 5-15 seconds, with instantaneous drying characteristics;
2. The material completes the drying process in a short time, conforms to the drying of the heat sensitive material, and can adhere to the color, fragrance and taste of the material;
3. The consumption process is simplified, the operation control is convenient, and it is suitable for continuous control of consumption;
4. Product dispersibility, activity, and solubility are good.
The laboratory spray dryer is an economical experimental machine. Small-volume consumer products are also available. Some customers will purchase several units at a time to achieve the effect of small-volume consumption. Nowadays, the laboratory spray dryer is upgraded. There are also many, there are low-temperature vacuum drying, as well as nitrogen cycle drying, conventional tight air drying is still mostly, because this is reached in large-volume consumption.
In the food industry, the laboratory spray dryer is a contradiction. It not only allows the food to adhere to a good appearance and original nutritional value, but also consumes coffee mate, egg yolk powder, milk powder, soup, juice powder and other products. There are also defects such as large power consumption, excessive volume, easy to stick to the wall, and one-time investment. In the case of heavy pressure in the country and people's demand for food, laboratory spray dryers must adhere to it. More work is needed in the food industry.

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