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What are the advantages of using a micro spray dryer?
- 2018-11-21-

The advantages of the micro spray dryer are:

1. Cyclone Collection System Cyclone collector is a very classic powder collector and is widely used in micro spray dryer systems. Its structural shape directly affects the unevenness of the collection rate of the powder, and plays an important role in the spray dryer. Regarding the spray dryer system, the performance of the cyclone collector often depends on the actual operation observation and test results. Therefore, the more reliable way to purchase the spray dryer is to test it yourself.

2, the hot air is controlled within the system, no leakage, will not affect the test environment, so that the test personnel work in a clean test environment. In the import of other brands and other domestic brands, the positive pressure blown hot air circulation system is widely used. Due to the positive pressure generated inside the system, the pressure of the hot air leakage is implied at each joint of the spray drying system. Therefore, the hot air leakage containing the dust makes the test room smoky and is not suitable for the operation requirements of the laboratory personnel. It has been proved by experiments that the vacuum suction type hot air circulation system and the reasonable structure cyclone collection system, the collection rate of the micro spray dryer sample results is more than 10% higher than the positive pressure blown type spray dryer, especially in the test of trace samples. The results are more obvious.

3, liquid material atomization system In the spray dryer system, the atomization nozzle is a vital component, generally available in 0.7mm, 1.0mm, 1.4mm, 2.0mm four aperture nozzles. The price of spray dryer is based on different materials and solutions. The selection of nozzles should be selected after consultation with the product experts or after testing. Shanghai Qiaofeng Industrial Co., Ltd. provides services for users to test spray or give users trials, in order to make users more suitable for purchase. The product. The spray drying test process is to achieve a complete set of process methods for the successful drying of a certain material. Each test parameter is part of the whole process, including the selection of nozzles. Therefore, the manufacturer's technical guidance on the user is very important, and the friendly technical support will greatly help the user's test success.

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